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Teeth: Potential Hazards for the Whole Body

Dr. Christian Sobek
Your expert on holistic dentistry
Dr. Christian Sobek

Misaligned teeth and the resulting forced positions of the jaw can result in many physical ailments. They are not only a physical impairment, but can also have serious consequences for health such as increased risk of caries, greater wear and tear and can lead to head and jaw pain, neck tension, migraine and tinnitus.

Milions of people regularly suffer from this ,but almost nobody is aware that the reason for these complaints can be an incorrect bite. A permanent solution is sometimes reached by targeted corrections to the occlusal surfaces. In difficult cases however, extensive measures may be necessary to restore the stability previously found through a specific diagnosis. Such measures as reconstruction of the occlusal plane and restoration of the chewing function and aesthetic considerations can be for the benefit of the whole skeletal system - TMJ and spine.

Diseases of the teeth and gums can affect the whole organism. Just take the famous wisdom tooth for example. Peolple are known to have died from abscessed teeth.
Through the bloodstream, for example, bacteria from the mouth can release infections in the heart and other organs, and among other things, can promote hardening of the arteries and exacerbate diabetes mellitus.
Patients with severe periodontitis - by which is meant inflammatory periodontal diseases with jaw bone decrease, stand a four times greater risk of suffering a stroke.
The connection between periodontitis and potential heart disease is now clearly demonstrated.
Periodontitis is a potential trigger for Altsheimer's. A link between periodontitis in pregnant women and an increased risk of premature births has also been proven.

To recognise the danger in time, the regular dental check is a must!
Periodontitis can go unnoticed for years. Bleeding or red, swollen gums are the first indication that something is wrong.
If there is no intervention at this point, it will soon be too late. Pockets are formed in which dangerous bacteria become entrenched. The constant attacks by the bacterial poison eventually overwhelm the immune system, draining the body of energy. The individual becomes weak and listless.

To get rid of the infection, the body begins to break down the supporting ligaments of the teeth. The teeth may become loose and in the worst case, tooth loss can result.
Periodontitis prevention and its treatment are therefore the main tasks of modern dentistry.
Prevention with vision replaces the previous preoccupation of dentistry with damage and pain relief.

Health begins in the mouth.

It begins with the selection of our nutrition and ends with dental care. Good oral hygiene forms the basis of lifelong health, not only oral - thorough care is therefore worth it.

In order to tackle the causes of periodontitis and caries simultaneously, it is necessary to eliminate the bacterial infection at the root of both diseases. A cause-directed therapy must therefore intensively eliminate hard and soft deposits together with the bacteria. Bacterial toxins in the inflamed periodontal pockets must be removed. Professional teeth cleaning and regular check ups at the dental surgery are therefore crucial. Whoever avoids the dentist out of fear is harming themselves, because lack of preventative dental care leads ultimately in one direction: to the dentist.

Teeth are precious. Enamel is the hardest material that the body produces. Signs of really healthy teeth: they are sparkling white and the gums glow pale pink. In strengthening the teeth, you are not only contributing to good health, but also heightening your vitality. A radiant smile is the best calling card, in some circles, even a status symbol. Smiling with radiantly healthy teeth is particularly attractive and desirable - the teeth are an important part of a person's appearance.