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Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Christian Sobek, dentist
Your expert on holistic dentistry
Dr. Christian Sobek

A focus of our practice is holistic dentistry and environmental medicine.

Holistic dentistry does not involve the oral cavity alone, but the whole human system, and explores the correlation between oral and general health. The aim is to improve the overall health of patients through dental health.

Dr. Christian Sobek is a member of the GZM - International Society for Holistic Dentistry e.V.

Selected services:

  • Relation teeth - spine
  • Craniomandibular dysfunction
  • TMJ
  • Osteopathy
  • Organ and meridian covers
  • Mercury expulsion
  • Oral acupuncture

Articles by Dr. med. Dent Christian Sobek:

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Teeth: Potential hazards for the whole body

Malpositions of the teeth and resulting forced positions of the jaw can result in many physical complaints such as increased risk of caries, head and jaw pain, neck tension, migraine and tinnitus.
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Periodontitis and its Consequences

Periodontitis refers to inflammation of the gums and periodontal apparatus. The gum swells and bleeds with brushing. Many are unaware of the fact that periodontitis can promote more diseases of the whole organism.
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Can teeth have a negative effect on the spine?

Undiagnosed misaligned bite can lead to forced positions of the jaw, to which the patient reacts by pressing and rubbing the teeth. This leads in turn to an overloading of the temporomandibular joints and adjacent structures. The consequences can be neck tension, vertebral rotations, headaches and insomnia.
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